Learn. Practice. Play.

Using sport as the means, we provide children with a sound base from which to develop every aspect of their lives.


Helping children develop fundamental building blocks of sport, agility, balance and coordination.


Impressive creative components that ensure each lesson is both exciting and positive.


Instilling confidence to engage in life-long physical activity through enhancing "physical literacy".

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There are four age appropriate programs, each program lasting one year. In each program the children's developmental, emotional and physical needs are met.

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At Playball, we don't just coach. We Educate!

We at Playball believe that creating a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity at an early age, is the key to all future learning and development whether in the classroom or on the sports field.

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Age Groups

We have specialized programs for the following age groups:


Thank you for providing such a fantastically structured program. Both our kids have enjoyed their time in Playball. - Mitzi, mum of Noah & Grace

When my son was 2 years old he started in the Playball program. He is not very agile and I hoped it would improve his motor skills. And it did tremendously! For example in the first year he learned to walk sideways, improved his jumping, learned to skip and got faster at running. Over the years he moved into throwing balls, dribbling with a ball, learning to hit a ball with a tennis racket, use a field hockey stick and we can now play football together. It really helped him to develop physically. A very positive feature about Playball is that kids get to experience so many different sports and learn to use different sports equipment. If I signed my son up for just one sport, he would not have experienced the range of skills he has now from the Playball program. And he likes all of it so has trouble choosing what sport to do next year! The coaches are great, they really help each child. They are very well trained and give each child individual attention. The children learn not only new physical skills but also how to be independent, how to persevere to master a skill, how to help their friends, how to sit for a minute and listen well to instructions. All in all I would recommend the Playball program to everyone and I definitely will sign up my new baby for the program as soon as he is old enough! - Nynke, mum of Victor